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vemps June 28, 2011 10:22

Polynomial thermophysical properties and laminar porous Zone
  • I am solving a simple exhaust system problem with porous domain. Want to avoid commercial Fluent software for simple problems.
  • Initially i solved the Problem using constant Cp value with sutherland viscosity. My pressure drop in the system slightly varies between OpenFoam rhoPorousMRFSimpleFoam and Fluent.
  • Fluent use Cp Polynomial varying with T, thermal conductivity polynomial varying with T, Laminar porous Zone, k and epsilon with intensity and hydraulic diameter.
  • I want to invoke similar criteria for the above parameters in Open Foam to get close match in pressure drop.
  • Can somebody please help me to give a detailed explanation or links as i am new to OpenFoam
  • How to give Cp and thermal conductivity polynomial ( i have gone through the modification of thermoType in one of the thread hPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<hPolynomialThermo<perfectGas>>>>>;)
  • Can somebody help me to give detailed procedure
  • How to give laminar Porous zone
  • What is the equivalent model in OpenFoam for k&epsilon of Fluent Intensity and hydraulic diameter. At present i am using k &epsilon of default properties specified in tutorial angledDuctImplicit
  • Sorry to give a long description. Please help me which will save lot of bugs for me to avoid commercial software for such problems

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