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doubtsincfd June 30, 2011 04:30

blockMesh and surface mesh
I have a surface mesh, or rather grid points on a curved surface. Now I want to build a grid in blockMesh at the same exact locations I have. Is there any way to specify each and every grid point I want on a surface and tell blockMesh to construct a grid based on those points?

Its like following the bottom to top approach. I have surface mesh and I need to construct a volume mesh in blockMesh from the available surface mesh.

AlanR July 3, 2011 01:26

I think you need to use snappyHexMesh. Basically, you build a cube in blockMesh around your surface with the surface slicing through the cube. Then, you use snappyHexMesh to generate a mesh that conforms to the surface and meshes the volume from your surface to the top of the cube. The motorBike tutorial is a good model to follow. I don't think you can mesh an irregular surface in blockMesh, but snappy does it quite well.


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