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miteshgelani July 3, 2011 12:42

OpenFOAM Axial Fan
Hello Everybody,

I am long time user of FLUENT. But recent changes (in office) have make me go towards open source packages like Elmer and OpenFOAM. Using FLUENT for long time, I am not, anymore, well versed with packages like OpenFOAM where some coding is required and syntaxes are used. So for transition I am trying to solve FLUENT examples using OF so that I can get comparative understanding of how the process goes in OF. I would like to start with axial fan found here. I have already downloaded the mesh files and I can convert using fluentMeshToFoam.

I am entirely new with packages like OpenFOAM and need help with the following:

1. Meshing - After converting the mesh, I would like to group and label different zones and boundaries. I saw few tutorials where FoamX is used to do this. But I couldn't fine where to download from and install it. If there are alternatives that would be good as well. Also I tried using Salome. One of the path I like to follow is develop geometry in Pro/E and import it in Salome as .igs file. Mesh the file using Salome and export it as i-deas mesh. Now I would like to use this i-deas mesh for FOAM.

2. Boundary Conditions - Right now I am trying to use exactly the same boundary conditions used in tutorial. So the help implementing same boundary condition in OF especially periodic boundary condition.

3. Solver - If I understand correctly, simpleFoam with Turbulent model would be sufficient.

4. Noise Analysis - This is new for me as well. I haven't done this previously. I am not sure if OpenFOAM is capable of this or not. If it is, would I be doing it simultaneously with flow analysis or sequentially (using flow field data of fan).



val46 July 5, 2011 08:53


1. FoamX is no more available in newer OF versions. I would suggest you edit your mesh already in fluent (name faces etc.).

2. cylic should be the right bc for you (search the forum for explanations)

3. MRFsimpleFoam is able to handle rotor-stator problems.

4. I'm not totally sure but I think there is no standard solver for acoustic problems.

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