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Aerospace July 8, 2011 07:18

SpalartAllmaras and BuoyantBoussinesq for heat Transfer
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Hello everybody,

I have been trying to solve the flux over a rectangular box were the upper side is hotter than the air and the lower one is at the same temperature.

I want to know the heat transfer so I have tried several meshes in order to check the convergence and indentify the most adequated. But when I reduce the size of the cells the result changes quite a lot (specially for the temperature) and seems not to converge to a certain solution.

Attachment 8341

I'm using SpalartAllmaras, BuoyantBoussinesq and OpenFOAM 2.0, is this turbulence model compatible with BuoyantBoussinesq in OF2.0 as it needs the kappa value?

The box is really small, about 1mm, and the YPlus is from 1 to 0.17, is this correct?

If this isn't correct which turbulence model I have to use?

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