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ancsa July 8, 2011 08:56

decomposePar with scotch exits with : ERROR: graphCheck: duplicate arc
I tried to look for similar error messages but found none.

My mesh is a polyhedra mesh originally created as tetra in Icem and then converted to polyhedra with Fluent, then converted to OpenFOAM with fluent3DMeshToFoam. The geometry is a city with house blocks. The simulation runs ok without decomposition, chechMesh also ends with Mesh OK. Decomposition with the single method also works fine.

When using scotch, I get this and nothing happens:

Calculating distribution of cells
Selecting decompositionMethod scotch
: ERROR: graphCheck: duplicate arc

When decomposing the original tetra mesh, scotch works fine, even though there checkMash fails because of unused points.

Hay anyone experienced something like this or has any idea how to look for the duplicate arc if that is not a problem in the tetra mesh only in polyhedra?


slowtype July 8, 2011 14:54

I had a similar problem earlier this week and am interested in any answers.

In the mean time try one of the other decompose methods in the decomposepardict such as metis.

wyldckat July 9, 2011 06:06

Greetings to both!

This has been reported as a bug yesterday:
So complement that bug report with a bit more information if you have some to share! And keep a close eye for that bug report, since it should get repaired as soon as the people at OpenCFD can!

Best regards,

ancsa July 11, 2011 05:02

Hi Andrew and Bruno,

thanks for the the comments, I added a note in the bug report.

Best regards

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