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Eren10 July 12, 2011 07:16


I tried to simulate a laminar incompressible flow around an airfoil at mach 0.22 , R = 3 million. icoFoam did not converge to the experimental values, iteration was 75000. Did I used the wrong solver ?

vatavuk July 13, 2011 11:26

Hi Eren10,
For a Reynolds of 3 million you should have a turbulent flow, and icoFOAM solves only laminar flow, but this doesn't affect convergence. You should get a converged laminar flow using icoFOAM, that is not physically correct. For flows around bodies you may get oscillations like the von Karman vortex street, this kind of phenomena may prevent convergence, if you are using a transient flow solver like icoFOAM. If this is the problem, you could get a converged solution using a steady state solver like simpleFOAM.
I hope this helps.

Eren10 July 14, 2011 09:54

Thank you for your reply. For mine case than I should not use icoFoam.

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