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MikeyMike July 20, 2011 10:36

make Box by use of surrounding faces
Dear users,

I am quite new with OF but I will try to follow your kindly advices.
My problem is as follows:

I want to simulate a bearing chamber consisting of a rotor (inner face) and with a liquid (alpha = 1) volume(!)layer at the stator (outer face). I was adviced to have a look at the damBreak tutorial. As I imported a mesh from Ansys Icem, I canīt really relate to the original boxtoCell entry in system/setFieldsDict.
My imagination of solving the problem is to create a volumebox by the use of four enclosing faces and to set this "field" to "value alpha = 1" as an initial value.

My question is how to do so and how to bring in "setSet, faceSet, boxToFace etc.". Which of them do I need and what do they do??

Thank you in advance for some helpful posts or links!
Cheers, Mike.

Hisham September 29, 2011 09:20

Hi Mike,

The answer is right! The boxToCell will assign a value of alpha = 1 for the problem domain (i.e. all cells) that can be found inside a box that you specify with the coordinates of two points. If the outer shape of the volume, for which alpha =1, is not composed of rectangles or domain boundaries, then you should consider a zoneToCell approach or funkySetFields.


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