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Cyberholmes July 21, 2011 16:11


I am brand new to using any of the directMapped boundary conditions. If I understand correctly, they are supposed to set the BC at a patch by getting the corresponding info from a different patch or set of cells.

I am wanting to use the BC directMappedFlowRate in order to create an outlet that has a mass flow rate matching the mass flow rate set at the inlet with flowRateInletVelocity. Has anyone ever used this BC, and can it even do this?

I have tried using flowRateInletVelocity at both the inlet and outlet, using a negative value at the outlet, but this created a lot of problems, so I am looking for another solution.

Also, unrelatedly, in the directMapped BCs, how can you use setAverage to set an average value, if the value is supposed to be copied from somewhere else?

Thank you.

Asgarian September 8, 2011 17:49


I am also looking for more information about directMapped boundary conditions. It seems that the following toturial can help:
If I learn something new, I will post it here.


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