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Canesin July 26, 2011 19:27

How to use cellZoneInjection, "numberDensity", anyone can help ??
Hi all, I have tried to use cellZoneInjection to put particles in my case but I'm not understanding the behavior of the "numberDensity".

I was in the believe that the numberDensity was the number of particles per cell. Or the number of particles for the cellZone.

But reading the source file .C, it looks like it is "the number of particles per cubic meter".

Is it right ??

So, my question relies. If I provide: flowrate (kg/s), diameter (distribution) and the density is know.. why the hell do I need some particle density O.o ??

injectionModel cellZoneInjection; //Inject particles at the cloudZone

numberDensity 5.87E+06;//Number density of particles in one cell
massFlowRate 0.0024585;//Mass per second
massTotal 0.0024585;
parcelBasisType mass;//Reference propertie
cellZone myCloud;//Cell zone to realize injection
SOI 1e-6; //Start of injection
U0 (89.4 0 0); //Initial particle velocity
sizeDistribution //Used to infere the diameter
type uniform;
minValue 1.9e-5;
maxValue 2.1e-5;

Is that right ?? Can someone please confirm the behavior.

vidyadhar February 10, 2017 00:45

Hello Fábio César Canesin,

I have seen this post recently. I, also, want to use cellZoneInjection in openfoam4.0 or caelus.

If you have used it successfully, I request you to help me how to execute the same.
Like, I need help in setting the injection models and parameters involved in it. I am using toposetDict to create the cellZone.

Thanks in advance.


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