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claco July 27, 2011 08:16

Split cyclic patches in Openfoam 1.7.1
Dear All,

I would like to split cyclic patches in OF 1.7.1, in order to have two patches, namely patch_half0 and patch_half1, like can be done in OF 2.0.0.
Is there an utility to do so, in Openfoam 1.7.1?

As a matter of fact, when I try to calculate mass flow rate trough a cyclic patch in OF 1.7.1, the command "patchIntegrate phi cyclic_patch" returns me a near 0 value, whereas the same command given in OF 2.0.0 ("patchIntegrate phi cyclic_patch_half0") returns me a non zero (correct) value.

I hope someone can help me.

Yours sincerely.


styleworker December 12, 2012 08:24

Probably, you solved your problem, but for the sake of completeness:

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