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megacrout July 28, 2011 09:43

reactingFoam - wrong (temperature) profile
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Hi everyone,

I used the tutorial of reactingFoam (counterFlowFlame2D) to simulate an adiabatically reacting stream flowing through a pipe.

All I modified is blockMesh and the boundary conditions accordingly (kept the already existing inlet, outlet and empty conditions, added wedge conditions where needed and looked at some other tutorials for the remaining side: the pipe wall).
Reaction, physical properties, constants, equations, schemes, initial conditions... Im pretty sure all other parameters remained unchanged. I just checked it out again and it looks so.

However, I get ridiculously high temperatures (up to 4500K). When I implement turbulent conditions, it gets even worse and the sadly famous Janaf error pops out.
After some basic Google research, it seems T should not exceed ca. 2200-2300K. The tutorial actually leads to a maximal temperature of about 2300K.

I expect the mistake to come from the boundary conditions I implemented for the pipe wall but I cant say which one(s) are wrong exactly. Id be glad if someone could help me finding it out.

All case files (0, constant, system) are in the appendix.
Even though its using reactingFoam, the computation does not last too long (not even 10minutes on my laptop).

Many thanks in advance.


megacrout August 1, 2011 05:11

Can anyone help, please?

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