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Rebecca513 July 31, 2011 20:52

how to refine mesh imported from fluent?
Dear all,

I have a mesh imported from fluent using fluentMeshToFoam, and I need to refine it.

I tried refinemesh, but it doesn't work, always giving me the warning

--> FOAM Warning :
From function Foam::cellCuts::edgeEdgeToFace(const label cellI, const label edgeA,const label edgeB) const
in file meshCut/cellCuts/cellCuts.C at line 257
cellCuts : Cannot find face on cell 394530 that has both edges 643914 1844370
faces : 4(1149145 3790120 466179 1030300)
edgeA : (96986 230263)
edgeB : (275544 518188)
Marking the loop across this cell as invalid

I am a newbie to OpenFOAM. I am not sure whether there is something wrong with my imported mesh, or I used 'refinemesh' the wrong way.

Can anyone give me some tips or suggestions?

Thank you so much!


mgdenno December 27, 2011 17:54

Hi Hang,

Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same "problem". refineMesh is not failing (still running) but I am getting that same warning. Not sure if it is a problem though.



Rebecca513 January 5, 2012 11:33

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for the detailed reply.

Have you got any results yet? I didn't get refineMesh work, and then switched to enGrid, which is another open source package. Here is a link to a tutorial:

It might be helpful to you.



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