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crossley90 August 3, 2011 10:25

snapEdge not working
Hey OFer's,

I have been having trouble using the snapEdge utility.
Earlier in the year I have had no trouble using it with great results but since I have returned for some reason the command is not found. I'm using the same technique and very little has changed with my geometry.
I'm wondering if either snapEdge is now not available OR I'm I've missed a step somewhere.

Command terminal steps...
1) ideasUnvToFoam [file.unv]
2) snappyHexMesh
3) snapEdge

I have all the right stl's and folder written correctly, snapEdge doesn't give any error other than it can not be found.
Am I missing something?



wyldckat August 3, 2011 15:43

Greetings Dave,

Do you mean this snapEdge: :confused:

If so, and by your description, it seems that you came back to another installation of OpenFOAM, in which you did not build snapEdge... therefore it's not available ;)

When built and available, the snapEdge executable is likely placed in the folder defined in FOAM_USER_APPBIN; to confirm this, run:

Best regards,

flowman August 3, 2011 20:15

As an alternative to snapEdge, you could use the new feature edge handling capabilities in snappyHexMesh

niklas August 4, 2011 02:46

snapEdge is obsolete with the introduction of version 2.0.x

crossley90 August 4, 2011 04:26


What an idiot, how could I not find that snapEdge site, working perfectly now.
School boy error. Thanks everyone.

Have a great day


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