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Cyberholmes August 8, 2011 15:14

Not tracking the products of a reactingFoam reaction
Hello all,

Is there anyway in reactingFoam to specify a reaction, but make the solver NOT track some of the products of the reaction?

I am modeling the decomposition of a gas into a solid and another gas. In order to make sure that the enthalpy of reaction (which is calculated from the Cp coefficients in the chemistryProperties file) is correct, I need to put in the correct reaction equation. However, if I simply put in the products of the reaction, reactingFoam will track both products as though they are both gaseous, despite the fact that one of the products is solid. Is there any way for me to tell reactingFoam not to track the solid species?

If that is not possible, is there any other solution to my problem, such as a way to specify the enthalpy of reaction?

Thank you very much.

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