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wWieWalter August 11, 2011 03:54

Interior Snappy Hex Mesh
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Hello All

I'm a rookie in unsing OpenFOAM.

At the time I'm trying to mesh a branch (s. attachement) with hex mesh. In OF users guide i found the snappyHexMesh utility. But there are no instructions how i could use this utility for an interior mesh. And a look into www brought no useful results :(.
Has anybody an idea how to mesh this geometry with snappHexMesh?

Thanks for your help.

elvis August 11, 2011 06:19

you can specify which side gets meshed by "point position" (locationInMesh point)
for example snappy hex meshing a car
=> locationInMesh point outside car =>windtunnel meshing
=> locationInMesh point inside car => climate/HVAC meshing

there are many many posts in this forum if you search for "location in mesh"

wWieWalter August 11, 2011 07:11

Hi elvis

Thanks for your reply. I will have a look to the other posts.

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