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dnhb August 15, 2011 15:23

implementing adaptive boundary conditions
Dear OpenFoamers,

I am trying to simulate waves propagating through a pipe with a counter flow of another medium (should be air - however so far I don't take care). I am using the interfoam solver which works quite nice.
Never the less, I have no idea how to handle the boundary conditions at the outlet, since I need the fluid to pass through the outlet, while the "outlet" is the inlet at the same time for the counter flow medium.
I guess I need to check which medium (phase 1 or 2) is next to the boundary face at step x and set the boundary conditions, accordingly.

Has somebody done this before? ( I guess YES )
Are there some tools or libraries available?
And could somebody give me a hint were to find code snippets to implement this, or at least a hint where to start in the source code?



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