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jango August 16, 2011 09:35

Specifying initial data in rhoSimpleFoam
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Hello Everybody,

calculating the airflow of a twodimensional dustseparator, I have problems setting up the initial conditions. As you can see in the attached picture, the pipe on the upper left should be the inlet (v = 10 m/s) and the pipe on the upper right should be the outlet (the bottom is closed). I calculate the values according to UG for the cavity example (not knowing exactly if they`re right ??). When I try to run the case, I get the error, that the value for rhoMax in fvSolution is missing. Adding a value for air at 293 K in fvSolution, the following eror message comes up:

[0] wrong token type - expected word, found on line 73 the doubleScalar 1.2041

Now I have the following questions:

1.) Where should I add the (keyword) value for rhoMax, shouldn`t it be added to the constant/thermophysicalProperties file ?

2.) Are the values for k and epsilon correctly calculated ?

I would be very grateful, if anyone could take a look at my case files attached :)

Thank you a lot,


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