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SpiltMilk August 21, 2011 14:05

Implicit Boundary Condition/ Freely Propagating Flame System

I'm fairly new to OpenFOAM and have been trying to use an implicit boundary condition in a freely propagating flame system.

The system is a thin tube, with an isothermal wall temperature distribution. The goal is to stabilize the flame at a position x_i, by specifying a temperature T_i. Then using this as a boundary condition, change the incoming mass flow rate of the air fuel mixture, to have the flame ultimately stabilized with these conditions.

In a finite difference scheme:
The goal would be to say that dM/dx=0 where M is the mass flow rate. Which introduces a new 1st order ODE to the system. Then discretization of the problem could be done by saying that:

[M_j - M_(j-1)]/(x_j - x_(j-1)) Where x is the axial position.

But I am trying to do this as a finite volume scheme.

Any insight?


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