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mirko August 26, 2011 11:16

viewFactor BC in multiRegionHeaterRadiation tutorial

This tutorial is a multi-region problem with a heater, fins, and two fluid regions with radiation transport (topAir, bottomAir). The outer fluid boundaries abut the problem domain boundaries (such as yMax, yMin, xMax, xMin), and not any solids.

I don't fully understand how the radiation boundary condition on topAir yMax is set-up.

The topAir BC's are set in system/topAir/changeDictionaryDict, and can also be seen in 0/topAir after running ./Allrun

Examining the files, I can see that yMax boundary is a gray diffusive boundary (see 0/topAir/Qr). But I don't see anywhere what is the temperature of that boundary. The fluid temperature bc is zero gradient. Does that mean that the fluid temperature at yMax enters into the radiation bc?

To summarize the question, where is the radiation temperature BC specified at yMax for topAir?



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