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JLight September 11, 2011 23:31

Radiative equilibrium wall condition in OpenFOAM
Hi OpenFOAM users!
I am a ug student with little experience in programming in OpenFOAM.

I trying to re produce a result for a perfect gas CO_2 simulation for the Manned Breaking System (MBS) Mars capsule using a compressible solver I developed using the recently available compressible libraries and solvers in OF-1.6-ext.

The issue is the simulation employed a wall temperature at Radiative equilibrium conditions. This condition uses the Stephan-Boltzmann Law to compute the wall temperature and since the heat flux at the wall is of paramount interest I need to know how to apply an appropriate patch for my model.

Can any one please guide me on if such a patch is already available and if not how do I go about implementing such a patch.

I would like to implement this at the wall\epsilon T_w^4

Thank in advance!


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