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Alexvader September 17, 2011 17:34

engineFoam variable definitions

I am starting to use EngineFoam, and i would like to set up a case.

I have created a bowl in cylinder hexahedral mesh geometry using calculix mesher.

I have checked the directory structure, and the dictionaries, and combustionProperties, RASProperties thermophysicalProperties turbulenceProperties engineGeometry files are self evident...

What i wuuld like to know are the input files, in directory -180, some entries for volScalarFields and volVectorFields are self evident, like p, U, T, k and epsilon, but other variables i do not know what they represent...

I think that St is turbulent flame velocity, but what about alphat, b ft, fu, mut, Su, and Xi...?

What do they stand for...?

Thanks in advance :)

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