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Mehran September 29, 2011 05:29

blade induced flow simulation
Hello everebody,

I'm currently trying to simulate flow induced by blade rotation using OpenFoam. I am using pimpleFoam as the base solver and trying to change that a bit mesh motion part.
I have a cylindrical domain with a blade in the middle and at each time step I rotate all the points, corresponding to a fixed angular velocity. Then I save point motions in pointMotionU field. I got the correct mesh rotation and mesh point velocities are also correct but the velocities I get inside the domain are very small, order of e-10!!!
pointMotionU field for blade points have the same velocity as r * Omega but U field for those points and even their neighbour points is very small.
Any hint is highly appreciated.


JulytoNovember October 27, 2011 03:24

I have a similar case, how did you view the induced flow? I used the MRFSimpleFoam solver, I created an atmosphere patch around my rotor, but thats not working for me.

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