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camoesas September 29, 2011 09:35

foamToTecplot360 - Zones Missing(!)

I am using foamToTecplot360 to export OpenFoam Data to tecplot. But opening my file in tecplot I just have: region0*
And I am missing: inlet outlet walls hotwall etc....

Anybody faced the same problem? Is there an alternate skript for foamToTecplot360?



camoesas September 30, 2011 02:23

HI Everybody,

I am glad I am able to answer my question now. I will summarize all steps to use tecplot360:

1. to get the function foamToTecplot360 run, follow the steps descriped here, in post #16 / #17

2. run foamToTecplot360 (it will produce a folder "Tecplot360" and in this a subfolder "boundaryMesh")

3. Open Tecplot and then click > load Files > Tecplot Data loader > choose Multiple Files > pick first the file "..._grid_0.plt" > and then select "...X.plt" (described anywhere here)

4. In a final step load more data files (with the "add to current..." option) and choose in the subfolder "boundaryMesh" the mesh files: "boundaryMesh_x.plt" (that is what brought my boundary layers back)

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