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fs82 October 4, 2011 05:14

Updating OpenFOAm 1.6 to 2.0

I am using OpenFOAM 1.6 and doing LES simulations. For this I implemented a own SGS model. In the past I switched from 1.5 to 1.6 and had do rewrite most of my source code. So did anybody switched from 1.6 directly to 2.0 and knows about the effort?
The reason for switching is the missing C++ Source Guide at the OpenFOAM website. I know that the C++ Source Guide is included in the OpenFOAM directory but I installed OpenFOAM on a server and currently I have no access to run "doxygen" for creating the help. And may be its better to update anyhow.

kind regards,

fs82 May 3, 2012 09:19

Allright, I will answer myself to close this topic: There is no real problem. Some variable names have changed, e.g. rUA to rAU in pisoFoam but nothing really complicated. Also the definition of cyclic boundary conditions has changed, but there exists an utility foamUpgradeCyclics which will help you solving this problem.

kind regards,

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