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Alexvader October 4, 2011 16:57

merging several patchs into one..

I have created a mesh in gmsh, of a cyclone separator.

I have exported it, and converted it using gmshToFoam, then I have run "autoPatch 14", it generated me several patches, about 15 of them.

I have one inlet and two outlets, the rest of the patches can collectively be called "wall"

How do I merge them alltogether under the name "wall"...?



bigphil October 5, 2011 09:58

Hi Alex,

You can use the utility "createPatch" to combine multiple patches into one.

You need to copy the "createPatchDict" into your case and edit it appropriately then run "createPatch".

The "createPatchDict" lives at $FOAM_UTILITIES/mesh/manipulation/createPatch/createPatchDict
Then copy it into your case system directory and edit it.


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