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ICL October 8, 2011 14:16

mesh.update problem in a new FSI solver
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Hi there,

I tried to build a new FSI solver based on icoFsiFoam. Fluid solver is replaced with cavitatingFoam and solid solver has not been touched apart from adding relaxation for Usolid. The problem I encounter is that the velocity distribution looks strange (Please check attached file).

while the pressure distribution looks fine.
To spot the source of error, the code has been simplified to the fluid solver only and has been evolved step by step. The strange behavior in velocity is related to mesh.update(); in setMotion.H.
By looking at icoFsiFoam fluid solver, I guessed that it may be related to not having make relative fluxes bit. phiv = fvc:meshPhi(U) is added to pEqn but does not solve the error.

I believe there is a missing part which is necessary for any solver with dynamic mesh motion.
Any comments?


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