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entrophysics_kjs October 10, 2011 15:54

Acceleration and pressure on bodies dropped from height into water
Hello there, for the purpose of evaluation I hope somebody will give me some feedback on the suitability of OpenFOAM for the following type of calculations :

I am currently evaluating OpenFoam to check the possibility of using it for the following purpose:
The case consists of a solid body which are lowered into water. The body could be lowered by a wire, or dropped from a given height.
I will need a 6 dof solver with the possibility to constrain the body with a moving spring to simulate the flexibility of the wire. The spring should have high stiffness in tension and low stiffness in compression, (wire functionality).
I will also need a wave generator that is able to set up a 5th order Navier Stoke wave as a initial condition.
Desired results are acceleration and pressure on the solid body.
Is this possible to perform with OpenFoam?

Any feedback on this is appreciated.

mpeti October 17, 2011 07:41


I have no experience with such problems but the following link may give you some hints for the problem:


entrophysics_kjs October 18, 2011 01:22

Thank you, a step in the right direction.

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