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kingle October 11, 2011 23:48

OpenFOAM 1.5 windows
hello,everyone.who can help me ,I am a freshman about openFOAM.When I open paraview ,and press "aplly"button,the mention as follow:

ERROR: In C:\tmp\OpenFOAM-1.5\3rdparty\ParaView-3.4.0\VTK\IO\vtkUnstructuredGridReader.cxx, line 350
vtkUnstructuredGridReader (0x235e9558): Unrecognized keyword: =\={<#

I cannot understand this message,what meaning?

skeptik January 10, 2013 09:19

The problem was in wrong codepage somewhere in Windows or OF,

so the very good solution was proposed by Actone

"the problem is fixed by typing: foamtovtk -ascii"

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