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Canesin October 20, 2011 17:06

Solver not "seeing" temperature change.
---------_EDIT_---------- SOLVED: was relaxing in outerloop

Hi all,

In an custom solver I need to add a value in the temperature..

I'm doing the equivalent of:


for (int nonOrth=0; nonOrth<=nNonOrthCorr; nonOrth++)
        tmp<fvScalarMatrix> TEqn
            fvm::ddt(rho*cp, T)
          - fvm::laplacian(K, T)
    Info<< "TEMP: Min/max T: " << min(T).value() << " / " << max(T).value() << endl;

T += 6;

But when I visualize the results in paraview it looks like the temperature change has not "propagated", say. If I do T.write() after the temperature change I can see the difference, but in the next time step the solutions looks like the change has never happened.

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