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Marta October 25, 2011 09:23

Possible Bug for Imported Mesh
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Hi Foamers! I have tried to simulate the pressure drop induced by an actuator disk using a mesh imported from Fluent format .msh.
I have named the actuator surfaces as 'fan' before importing them into OpenFOAM and they have correctly been recongized as cyclic surfaces. Then, I have selected for them the 'fan' type in the pressure file p and applied the desired pressure jump.

What I saw, with both versions 1.7.1 and 2.0.1, is that when I import the mesh from Fluent, apparently the faces numbering is wrong, because the fan condition does not reproduce a pressure jump, which is instead well visible when I generate the mesh and geometry using the blockMesh utility.

Since this problem only appears when I use imported meshes, I have thought that it could be related to a wrong correspondance between the omologous surfaces of the cyclic boundary faces, rather that to something wrong with the boundary condition itself (especially because the fan boundary works pretty well with internally generated meshes).
I have attached two different pictures: the first reports the results obtained with blockMesh (above) and with fluent (below) and the other presents the results obtained with the imported mesh from Fluent.

Does any of you have any experience in this kind of a problem?
Thanks a lot!

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