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anon_a November 2, 2011 06:14

Vacuum flow - Janaf error
I have been trying to simulate time dependent, pressure driven
flow through a cylindrical orifice (4.8mm diameter, 0.2mm thickness)
as an intermediate step to my final geometry. The pressure upstream
is 10^5 Pa and downstream 2500Pa, the temperature is 300K on
every boundary surface and the gas is nitrogen.

The solver I am using is rhoCentralFoam. It is reasonable to expect
that the temperature drops significantly in this case (ANSYS gives
a minimum temperature around 10K) and as a result I get an
"out of Janaf range" error. My fvSchemes and fvSolution are the same
as in the Ladenburg example.

I have tried the following without success:
- Changed Tlow for Janaf to 1K
- Refined the mesh
- Set the Max Co to 0.1
and I am currently trying an even denser mesh (200,000 elements).

Any ideas? I must also note that this happens for any downstream
pressure below 60000 Pa.

anon_a November 4, 2011 04:07

The dense grid improves the situation
but I still can't get beyond 10^-4 sec
for an outlet pressure of 10kPa.

Any suggestions?

anon_a November 14, 2011 04:52

I don't understand why is this type of error activated,
since the temperature is much higher in the moments before
the divergence (minimum 280K).

I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong with the boundary
conditions. Any suggestions on pressure BCs for a vacuum opening
of known pressure? I have already tried fixedValue, waveTransmissive
and zeroGradient (which does not work because of the nature of the

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