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lg88 November 5, 2011 01:27

what is the useage of pRefCell/pRefvalue
hi everyone.
when i run my case,a suggestion said that i didn't set the pRefCell. Is it necessary to set the pRefCell in every case? what is the useage of pRefCell/pRefValue ?

nimasam November 5, 2011 02:57

not every case, just for incompressible solver! because what is important in incompressible flow is not the exact value of pressure, just the difference between pressure! so it just defines a reference, and if i was not wrong, imagine you have a field of pressure with zeroGradient boundary condition! (for example a liquid in a closed box) ,your boundary condition is some how poor, you only knows the gradient not the value! so that point give you a reference to calculate pressure distribution

zakir hussain November 5, 2011 08:06

So it is!
Thank you very much!


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