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robingilbert November 17, 2011 18:18

Fluctuating residuals in transient simulation (transientSimpleFoam)
Hello everyone,

I modified the transientSimpleFoam to add a temperature equation and tried to run a case of t-junction from pimpleFoam tutorial with the exact same boundary conditions. The residuals I get, fluctuate a lot as shown in the figure:

The fvScheme is as follows:

fvSoultion is as follows:

The boundary conditions are exactly same as that in pimpleFoam case with T at inlet =400K and everywhere else is 300K.
Why is there so much fluctuation in the residuals??

Thank you

robingilbert November 17, 2011 20:36

Hello everyone,

I figured out that I was plotting residuals incorrectly. My bad. Sorry!!

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