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lyna November 23, 2011 05:48

boundary condition

I have a configuration composed of two coaxial cylinders, the length of inner cylinder is inferior to that of the outer cylinder. so it's a 2D axisymmetric problem.
my problem lies in the boundary conditions of the inner cylinder, precisely in the cylinder walls inside. These are my bets:

wall fixedWall
(3 4 10 9) // internal cylinder walls (length L1)
(6 7 13 12) //outer cylinder wall (length L1)
(7 8 14 13) //outer cylinder wall (length L2)

BlockMesh gives me the following error message :

>> Trying to specify a boundary face 4(3 4 10 9) on the face on cell 0 which is either an internal face or already belongs to some other patch. This is face 0 of patch 0 named fixedWall.

how to fix this error please?????:confused::confused:

Bernhard November 23, 2011 06:34

The error message is quite clear. The first face in your list (3 4 10 9) is already in some other patch. Or it is not a boundary patch but internal.
Did you check your geometry with Paraview for example, to check this?

lyna June 12, 2012 12:45

parallel run
to save time, I want to start my calculations in parallel, but I did not understand the method explained in the manual.
can you send me an example that was already done, explaining the whole procedure.

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