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deji November 25, 2011 21:27

Fully Developed Turbulent Flow Mesh Convergence
Hello Foamers. Perhaps someone can give a feedback as to how to approach this problem that I am trying to solve. So, I am solving a natural convection turbulent boundary layer flow near a vertical heated flat plate, and I currently compute the laminar, transition, and fully developed flow regions. In generating my mesh, I use a rather coarse mesh and subsequently employ the snappyHexMesh utility to refine the grid at the wall region. Here lies my problem, I would like to have a different mesh in the fully developed turbulent flow region since the transition region mesh is much finer. So how can I have a bigger mesh spacing in the span-wise direction? I can stretch the mesh in the stream-wise and wall-normal directions, but not the span-wise. So how can this be accomplished?

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