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CaoimhinOC December 1, 2011 15:00

Beginner in OpenFoam

I have just a commenced a PhD in wind resource assessment. In this I will be modelling the flow of a wind over a complex near coastal terrain.

I am completely new to the OpenFOAM world and indeed to any CFD software.

I have completed the tutorials online, but I am stuck as to to the next step I should take.

Could someone please advise on the next step I should take with learning the software?


XXLRay December 2, 2011 04:25

I am also a beginner and I think the next step would be to create your own geometry and simulate it.

AlanR December 4, 2011 02:48

The standard method for learning OpenFOAM is to run the tutorials as written, then start changing things (mesh, boundary conditions, etc). Run all of the incompressible and mesh tutorials (of interest), then figure out how they work. Develop a method to import and mesh terrain files. Then substitute your terrain for what's in the tutorials. Look into inlet velocity profiles, boundary conditions, atmospheric conditions. Investigate buoyancy driven flow modeling, surface roughness, etc. Search the forums for threads of interest. It takes some time to develop competency with OpenFOAM (or any other CFD code) - it's a great tool, but the learning curve is steep.

Happy hunting, Alan

elvis December 5, 2011 09:07


there are some interesting sources
MSc/PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software =>2009, 08....

OpenFoam Workshop training material 2011 and the years before =>2010 09... lots of Training stuff
contains Training stuff like etc.

also take a look at but stuff is more hidden there

elvis December 5, 2011 09:21 => OpenFOAM simulations of atmospheric flow over
complex terrain (Performance in a blind comparison of CFD codes)

Modelling of wind flow over complex terrain using OpenFoam
Xabier Pedruelo Tapia

do a google search for the above
by Masashi Imano (The University of Tokyo) Guidebook for Practical Applications of CFD to Pedestrian Wind Environment around Buildings

CaoimhinOC December 15, 2011 10:32

Hi guys, thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated. No doubt I will be in touch again in the future!:)

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