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NEET December 1, 2011 17:01

ask about decomposition
Hi, I'm new to OpenFOAM. Now i am learning about the parallel processing in OpenFOAM and I have some questions about the decomposePar utility.

1. How much i can do with this utility. Can i divide a rectangular into 4 layers; processor0 runs for 1st and 3rd layers and processor1 runs for 2nd and 4th layers?

2. After the geometry is divided, is that possible to run the sub domains separately? May be only 3 of 4 sub domains is running?



Rickard.Solsjo December 7, 2011 11:35

Dont think so, anyway, how can you run a case for two of the layers and not the other two? You still need to solve the transport equations

Bernhard December 7, 2011 13:57

1. Probably this is possible with the manual decomposition, but I cannot think of any reason that you want this?

2. If you use only half of your domain, then the case is totally different. You can however create a subsetMesh wish does effectively what you want here.

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