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richpaj December 8, 2011 05:35

convenient way to view DimensionedInternalFields ?
sprayFoam (and other lagrangian codes) generate fields every time-step
related to the various lagrangian source terms and whose type is


however, it doesn't appear to be possible to view these in paraview
(ver 3.12 and presumably earlier versions). Aside from forcing a
redefinition in software to "volScalarField" etc., anyone aware of
a utility that will make a convenient conversion? (foamToVTK
also fails to make these fields visible).

A laborious alternative would I suppose involve manually editing
the fields by adding
in boundary conditions etc. so it "looks like" a volScalar/volVector
field to paraview.

Am I missing something else here I wonder?

Many thanks,

Richard K.

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