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megacrout December 19, 2011 12:19

Implementation of a porous domain
Hi Foamers,

I am simulating reactions through a porous domain using porousExplicitSourceReactingParcelFoam. The header of the .C file of this solver reads:

Note: ddtPhiCorr not used here when porous zones are active
- not well defined for porous calculations

I guess this means that the solver is not well defined for porous domains because of the given reason, not the opposite (i.e. ddtPhiCorr is not well defined for porous domains, reason why it is not used here), right?

If so, my question is: why does ddtPhiCorr make the solver ill-defined and how can it be improved? I guess the programmers would have done it if simply using ddtPhiCorr was the answer...



megacrout January 12, 2012 08:02

Ok, I figured out what it means by opening the corresponding pEqn.H file.

However, I still do not know what the REASON for ddtPhiCorr not to be well defined is.

Furthermore, IŽd be glad to know if the fact of not using this function leads to the "right" solution or simply avoids the numerical concern but returns a solution that is not as good as it could be.



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