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SH_P December 26, 2011 03:46

Magnetic particles in Fluid
I am working with openFoam for a few weeks and I got familiar with the basics. As a part of my project, I need to simulate magnetic particle movement under the effect of external magnetic field. I would appreciate if someone guide me on the followings:

1. which solvers are suitable for modeling of particles motion in fluid?

2. what are the magnetic Solvers in openFoam? which one is more suitable to my problem?

3. Can solvers such as magneticFoam be coupled with fluid and particle solvers?

4. Is there any tutorial or guide for coupling of solvers in general?

Thanks for your help in advance...

wyldckat December 27, 2011 10:03

Greetings Soroush,

I'm not very familiar with either one of your questions, but in case no one else answers you, here are a few things I know of that might help you:
There are a few particle solvers in OpenFOAM, but you'll have to look into the tutorials folder to figure out which might be useful to you.

That's about it from me. Good luck!

SH_P December 27, 2011 14:26

Thanks for your answer Bruno. I am going to learn openFoam more on the coming weeks and I'm sure your information will greatly help me.

e24242424 June 21, 2013 15:37

Hello Soroush,
Did you solve your problem? I have a similar problem to solve. It is to simulate the triboelectric charging process. In other words, It is to simulate the movement of charged particles. I can only simulate flow with particles in Openfoam. I do not know how to add the charge part. Can you give me some hints?


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