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deji January 5, 2012 12:09

fvc::interpolate --> Variable Access On Particular Face
Hello to all here at the OpenFOAM forum. I am trying to access the interpolated values of a specified flow variable near the wall and not sure how to do so. Here is the code:

const fvPatchScalarField& Tw = thermo.T().boundaryField([patchI];
const scalarField Tadj = Tw.patchInternalField();
surfaceScalarField Tsurf=fvc::interpolate(Tadj);

Firstly, I think this code is correct, right? Secondly, once Tsurf has been calculated, how do I access values on a particular face. For instance, let's say on the northern face, how would I do that? Any ideas??

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

deji January 5, 2012 18:19

The lines of code aren't correct, I have tested it and fixed it. However, I am not sure how to work with the surfaceScalarField acquired from using
fvc::interpolate(TMean). I would like to access the interpolated faces at the first grid cell near the wall. I am temporarily stuck, some feedback would be greatly appreciated.:confused::confused::confused:

deji January 6, 2012 10:08

Hello Foamers. So there is no one here at the forum that can enlighten me on this topic? I find that quite difficult to fathom. Any help??:confused::confused:

deji January 18, 2012 14:01

Just to update this thread, I have figured out how to do this and I think the answer was given in another thread "Help with interpolation".


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