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mikeP January 9, 2012 16:34

uncoupled lagrangian particle tracking
Hi, I want to write a particle tracking solver with one way coupling, which is similar to solidParticleFoam.

solidParticleFoam is simple enough for me to modify the equation of motion as I want. It uses solidParticleCloud but there is also a 'kinematicCloud' in OpenFOAM libraries and this confuses me. I'd like to ask the difference between solidParticleCloud and kinematicCloud.

Could you show me where the equation of motion for kinematicCloud is written?
I noticed that in kinematicCloudProperties file you can define if you want a collision model, or if you want particles to stick to surface, or if you want dispersion, etc. But other than these models, is there any significant differences between those 2 models, considering my needs? Can I switch off 2way coupling for example?

mikeP January 12, 2012 09:22

I decided to go on with solidParticleFoam and modified it a little bit. However, my particle do not actually hit the boundary walls. They stop some distance before the boundary, even though I have changed the wallImpactDistance function to:


Foam::scalar Foam::mySolidParticle::wallImpactDistance(const vector&) const
    return 0.0*d_;
    //return 0.5*d_;

I searched the location where hitWallPatch function is called but could not find. Where is it called?

mayank.dce2k7 September 10, 2013 12:44

Hi mikeP,

I am also working with solidParticleFoam. I have completed running simulation. I want to calculate number of particles escaping through outlet patch. Can you help me with that?


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