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crossley90 January 11, 2012 10:53

ProbeLocation no output

I have been using the probeLocations tool recently with some success extracting pressure(p) and velocity(U). It is until this point I have now been extracting velocity in the x direction(Ux).

I have 4 very similar cases that have ran successfully and as an after thought post pro-processed several velocity locations within the domain. Out of the 4 cases only 1 will extract Ux properties, as a trouble shooting exercise I changed it to just U which works perfectly in each case.
Another unusual point, as probeLocations is running it does not output any results (in the other 3 cases). This suggests that it may not be able to read any velocity component but as I mentioned earlier changing the field to U works fine

I am a little confused why it will not output in Ux.

Any help would be very much appreciated, I have spent some time trying to debug this and looking at any dissimilarities between cases.


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