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deji January 19, 2012 17:24

Accessing particular faces
Greetings to all at the OpenFOAM forum.

If I have a set of faces set aside, let's say 10 of them in my computational domain and those faces are:

label neededFaces, how can I get flow quantities of those particular faces only? I already have a surfaceScalarField of my entire domain, but I only want these 10 to use someplace else....So how can I do that Foamers?

linnemann January 19, 2012 21:29


I would use foamToVTK -faceSet and use Paraview to access the data using a programmable filter or python calculator.

Then you have access to your data only in those 10 faces, and can calculate your desired stuff.

deji January 19, 2012 21:49

Thanks for the reply Niels. But I need those quantities for an LES wall function that I am implementing into OpenFOAM, so they are required at runtime. Any ideas? Thanks.

linnemann January 19, 2012 21:58


Well it didnt say it had to be runtime :)

I havent looked into the coding of it but just as MRFSimpleFoam operates on a faceSet/cellSet it must be possible to see how the Coriolis force is added to the faces/cells and then reusing that for your wall function.

deji January 19, 2012 22:02

Thanks much Niels, I am going to look into the code myself.


deji January 20, 2012 15:27

I do not think that solver is in OpenFOAM anylonger, atleast not in OpenFOAM-1.7. Do you know what version has the code?

linnemann January 23, 2012 03:43

For 1.7.x its in the tutorials/incompressible/MRFSimpleFoam/MRFSimpleFoam folder

For 2.x versions its in the regular place for solvers.

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