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megacrout January 24, 2012 10:50

how to compile new thermodynamic library (basicPsiThermo)
Hello everyone,

Long story ( short: I figured out I need to add the line


//- Return non-const access to the local density field [kg/m^3]
virtual volScalarField& rho();

at the end of basicPsiThermo.H - like basicRhoThermo.H reads - and compile my own thermo package in order to solve the problem I am having. It might not be the only change I have to do but IŽd like to compile that new library one first time. I am not sure about all the steps I have to go through before doing that, though.

I have to copy the required files to my Openfoam/user/src folder. But which files exactly? The folder basicPsiThermo does not contain any Make folder. The nearest one is two folders back (thermoPhysicalModels/basic contains a make and psiThermo among others, which in turn contains basicPsiThermo). So, do I have to copy all files of thermoPhysicalModels/basic?

Those questions are just a starting point. If you can advise on the following steps, please feel free!

Thanks in advance.


megacrout February 2, 2012 04:57

I actually did not need to go through all this.

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