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Houdini January 25, 2012 10:53

(Newbie)plastic Injection Molding
I know this topic has been brought up a on this board so just to try to get some up to date info, has or is anyone using this or any open source software for Mold Flow Analysis?
I am a mold engineer, we do not have mold sim software, we have been asked by one of our larger customers to acquire some, but the costs are outrageous, is there a open source solution?
Thanks guys

elvis January 27, 2012 10:34

Hi Justin,

have a look at slide 6
you will see that OF1.6-extend has the viscoelastic models implemented (you will not find it in OpenCFD/SGI OpenFOAM-version (even if they have 2.1 version numbers))

I think that someone from Polymer department @ Uni-Stuttgart uses OF. But I do not know his research topics

openfoam injection molding @ google-scholar

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