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florian_krause January 26, 2012 08:53

difference between homogeneousDynSmag (OF-2.0.x) and dynSmag (OF-1.6-ext)
Hi! I am refering to the homogeneousDynSmagorinsky model (named dynSmagorinsky in OF-1.6.-ext), more specifically to the following lines:

dynSmagorinsky in OF-1.6-ext, line 64, calculation of Smagorinsky constant:


dynSmagorinsky in OF-2.0.x, line 72, calculation of Smagorinsky constant:

Both models are practically the same. The only differ by a factor of 1/2 in the above mentioned lines.

Does anyone have a clue why they differ?


StSchiff January 30, 2012 09:29

Hello Florian,

the factor 1/2 was missing in the older dynSmagorinsky models, since they were constructed based on the paper by Fureby where the factor is also missing. The new version (homogeneousDynSmagorinsky) is the correct version. I've compared the two versions in a minimal Channel flow and to be honest there is not much of a difference in the results. Well at least not for u+, I haven't compared anything else.

Hope this helps

florian_krause February 1, 2012 08:02

Hi Stefanie,
like couple of times before, I am wondering why they don't spend just a minute to include the publication reference in the header...

Anyway, thanks for the clarification!


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