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sontac January 29, 2012 02:04

How to extract Ax=B from solver for debugging
I'm current viewing through the source code for icoFOAM. However I'm really interest in the actually matrix A and B in the Ax=B. I'm planning on tweaking the solver a litle and want to see the actual change on the A and B matrix for debugging purpose. I'm a little stuck as writing the A, the x, the B matrix out to a ascii file for analysis..

Any help is appreciated!!!

vatavuk January 29, 2012 08:15

Hi sontac,
You can find some information in this page of the wiki:

I hope it helps,

elvis January 30, 2012 04:48

maybe pythonflu is a valuable tool for you

see this post why it might help you

santiagomarquezd January 30, 2012 09:32

Hi Sontac, I think the perfect tool for you is gdbOF

it is a tool attachable to gdb that helps you to extract FOAM data from memory in a transparent way, in your case you have to use the gdbOF tool


which dumps the matrix to a file

Enjoy it!

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