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Marshak February 6, 2012 13:49

error after compiling a new solver
I modified the reactingFoam solver to calculate radiative heat transfer by adding the radiation source term in the enthalpy Equation. After compiling, I tried to run a case that runs smoothly with normal reacting foam solver. But When I run the same case with the modified reactingFoam solver, I get the following error:

Unknown turbulenceModel type RASModel

Valid turbulenceModel types:


From function turbulenceModel::New(const volScalarField&, const volVectorField&, const surfaceScalarField&, basicThermo&, const word&)
in file turbulenceModel.C at line 116.

FOAM exiting

when I change the turbulence model type to 'laminar', I do not get any error...Any help what might went wrong??

jona February 7, 2012 00:54

Hi Marshak,

I had the same error after I updated my gcc version. The new version needs a different rule for compiling, see Mattjis comment on that issue at

After applying these changes to the rule-files in


it worked for me.

Have a nice day,


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