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Pekka February 6, 2012 15:54

Radiation to wall
Is there any possibility do the model where radiation absorption to the walls is taken account? I made some test calculations using the fvDOM radiation model and it's seems that radiation can be absorb into fluid but not to the walls. As otherwise words, the radiation (Qr) does not affect the to the wall temperature.

Thanks in advance.


ayoros May 16, 2012 09:39

Hi Pekka,

I observed the same phenomenon. Did you manage to solve this issue ?

As for me, I think we will be forced to code some kind of new BC for temperature at wall.


samiam1000 May 17, 2012 04:28

Hi guys,

I am gonna study the same problem, soon.

Any hints?

I'll suggest a collaboration, in order to get some useful results.

Do you agree?


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